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View of the Foundation of a House

House Leveling & Skirting

A level house is a safe, attractive home. For that reason, house leveling services can add value and life to your home. You can protect your investment by ensuring it is level, as well as by having your home skirting replaced or repaired to ensure the home looks its best and to hide the foundations upon which it is built.

House Leveling & Foundation Repair

Count on us to provide the best solutions for pier and beam foundations or home leveling solutions. 40% of the homes in the Houston area are built on pier and beams, specifically Wolmanized beams which are specially treated. In almost all instances, we're able to raise most residential structures, including one- and two-story homes. Structures shift due to excess rain, flooding, and even poor construction. For instance, if your home is sitting in mud it may not be level. This could result in doors that jam or cause cracking in the walls. We level these structures, saving money and the stress of repair over time.

Fast Service

In most cases, our turnaround time is between one and two days. This can vary based on the condition of the ground. Of course, we always stand by our labor and provide a three month warranty on all home leveling services. If something goes wrong in that time, we'll repair it at no cost. We continue support after, as well, and we'll supply materials for up to a full year. You'll only pay for labor.

House Before Foundation Repair
Staff Fixing Foundation After Foundation Repair After Foundation Repair 2

Annual Foundation Inspections

Trust us for an annual inspection to identify any foundation issues. We ensure that piers are straight and touching while checking floor joists, looking for termite damage, and ensuring all exterior seals and load-bearing wall beams are functioning optimally.

House Skirting

We also handle all of your home skirting needs. Skirts are installed around the bottom of the house to hide utilities, foundations, and other unsightly but required-for-comfort features. We recommend leaving air vents in skirting to ensure properly ventilation, and to prevent mold and rot.


If the siding on your home is rotted, damaged, or just needs an update, turn to us. We provide full repair and replacement services for old, damaged siding.