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Two Bulldozers

Site Preparation

Site preparation is necessary before any leveling can be done. We start with vegetation removal, and remove flowers and plants from the structure. Plywood is typically used to protect the grass or other surrounding areas. If home clearance is low, we may have to excavate and dig by hand. Once the initial preparation is complete, hydraulic jacks and concrete blocks are placed to lift and hold the structure.

Staff Attending to the Foundation of the House

Attentive Staff

Throughout the process, it's important that our staff remains attentive. As we go along, we carefully monitor the home to see how it reacts to every adjustment we make. This ensures a uniform lift on every project. Once the first stages are completed, we'll tunnel under the home and place more jacks. Using these jacks and large air bags, we raise the home higher. Bricks and beams are then placed as needed to level the home and take stress off of existing beams, footing, and other parts.